Hiring for Moving’s Busiest Season

by Administrator 16. August 2012 01:56

Summer is the busiest time of year for moving. Data suggests that between 30 and 40 percent of all moves in the U.S. occur between June and September. Most families’ move in the summer so as not to disrupt their children’s schooling and, for many others, it’s simply more convenient to move during the summer months.

While moving companies and relocation management firms definitely need extra help to accommodate the influx of moves, it’s most often help that is not needed year-round. While many are often reticent to hire younger talent, we have had great success in hiring high school and college students to assist our team during both the summer and holiday seasons. After all, there are over 20 million youth age 16-24 typically searching for work each summer. Granted, employment best practices still need to be implemented and it’s critical that you select students that are mature, excited to gain valuable work experience, and eager to earn an income. Like full-time team members, it’s also essential that you conduct interviews, set specific job responsibilities and provide them with a parallel onboarding program.

One of our team members began with us over six years ago, working summers while in high school and college. After graduation she approached me about joining the company, and it was an easy decision to bring her onboard full-time. She already knew our systems, processes and was integrated into the culture.

While so many business owners shy away from hiring young people to help, if you find the right talent, it’s not only effective to help with seasonal peaks, it’s a great way to cultivate future talent.   

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