Relocation Policy – Moving Cars

by Administrator 14. September 2012 02:16

In today’s economy companies continue to modify relocation policies in an effort to save money. Still needing to support their relocating employees, companies look to trim many areas including temporary housing, storage, and auto shipment, rather than eliminate them completely. Twenty years ago, I remember corporate authorizations for moving three or four cars across the United States and shipping multiple vehicles from the United Kingdom to Australia. While those practices were common then, they would be a major exception, if authorized at all, today.

In the U.S. the vast majority of companies have moved to streamline their policies around the shipment of vehicles, encouraging more and more relocating employees to drive one vehicle from origin to destination and reimbursing the shipment of one vehicle. Typically, if the move is more than 500 or 600 miles, the company will pay for a second vehicle, especially if the relocating employee is mid- or senior level. But, authorizations for shipments beyond two automobiles are becoming more and more scarce, reserved only for the most senior positions.

Some are selecting to use their miscellaneous expense funds and pay for their second auto shipment or a boat shipment themselves, which is always an option. With total relocation expenses for a current employee homeowner exceeding $90,000 and growing, it’s unlikely that companies will stop looking for savings when it comes to relocation expenses.


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