Top Human Resource and Relocation Websites

by Administrator 21. November 2012 02:36

Last month, I shared some of my favorite online resources for small business news and business insights. As I finished up that post, I immediately began thinking about online resources specific to relocation and human resources.

With industry specific sites, one of the challenges is that many require a membership to access the key information. For professionals focused on relocation, Worldwide ERC offers a myriad of excellent resources for its members, and the same applies for human resource professionals, with SHRM.

In addition to membership-based sites, there are a lot of valuable sites out there that offer free information. Some of my favorites include:

  • Human Resources Executive Online: The site provides a wide range of complimentary information on management, technology products, and they offer live and on demand free, sponsored webinars. For those wanting to receive information directly, they also offer RSS feeds and seven free newsletters.
  • I stumbled upon this site on Twitter a few months ago and love the contributed content focused on recruiting and retention. If you’re looking for insights on sourcing and hiring trends, definitely visit this site and follow them in social.
  • Relocation Journal: Sponsored by MSI, Relocation Journal is an excellent industry resource offering contributed content on domestic and global relocation. The offer white papers, topic specific blogs and free on demand and live webinars.

Several leading relocation firms are also offering thought leadership sites featuring blogs, webinars and white papers including Cartus, Sirva, and Paragon.

Share your favorite online resources with us. We would love to hear from you!

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