Year in Review – Giving Thanks

by Administrator 17. December 2012 09:56

As the holidays approach each year, and especially in light of the recent tragic events, I like to take a moment to reflect on the past year and give thanks.

From a business perspective, 2012 was a record-breaking year for ReloTrans with both our customer base and annual volume increasing to their respective highest levels. With an economy still struggling and corporate relocations relatively flat or down in the U.S. our team is especially appreciative to experience continued growth.

While growth is always a key business objective, I also look to other factors when reflecting back on our team’s successes and achievements. In 2012, we retained 100 percent of our customers - a testament to the quality of our team and their dedication to customer service and operational management.

We also retained 100 percent of our team, which I feel is critical to the service we provide to both customers and transferees. And, it’s also essential to our culture as we value the family-like environment shared amongst everyone on our team. In fact, it’s this team, our relocation coordinators, account managers and operational leaders that I give the most thanks for this year. Without their passion, dedication and energy, ReloTrans would not be able to prosper, grow and continue to deliver value-add transportation management services.

Many leaders underscore the value of the players on their team, and our management prides itself on ensuring that each member of our team is valued, respected and appreciated. Thank you to all of our team members, our extended team of suppliers and client partners and everyone who contributed to 2012. We’re looking forward to an exciting year and continued growth in 2013!

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