Comparing Transportation Brokers

by Administrator 14. May 2013 03:14

We all do it! You get a quote or price for something and then you immediately search online to see what other companies are charging or offering. If you’re looking at hardened goods, aside from fakes and damaged items, you’re typically in a position to obtain a better deal or at least compare ‘apples to apples’. But, in the service sector, specifically household goods and vehicle transportation, you’re not always comparing ‘apples to apples’. In fact, more often than not, lower price can often equal lower quality and, in the end, cost more money and cause a lot more aggravation. 

When we receive questions from our transferees on price, we make sure to detail our commitment to quality and service and specifically outline numerous key benefits that not all transportation companies provide.

  • ReloTrans uses only reputable fully insured, experienced carries that are hand-selected and held to qualitative and quantitative based performance based metrics.
  • ReloTrans provides its own insurance for up to $100,000 and covers the full Kelly Blue Book for transferee vehicles, should an issue arise.
  • Should a shipment be delayed in delivery, ReloTrans provides a complimentary rental car until delivery is made.
  • ReloTrans has a team of dedicated and experienced customer service professionals who personally work with each transferee throughout the entire move.
  •  ReloTrans offers 24/7/365 communication points (phone, email, text and web) so that transferees have real-time access to shipping information and delivery timetables.

With decades of experience in the relocation industry, I’ve witnessed all the nightmare stories – missing shipments, movers never showed, car was a week late – and, while some of these mishaps were due to circumstances beyond the movers’ control, more often than not, they’re simply due to the company’s commitment to quality.

Anyone can buy a truck and obtain a license to ship cars. And, there are no minimum service or insurance regulations. Buyers beware – do your homework and don’t buy on price alone when it comes to auto transport or moving.  Make the smart decision and work with a professional firm that is insured, experienced and committed to quality. 

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