Relocation: Who’s Hot on Twitter

by Administrator 16. February 2014 03:40

Twitter is one of the largest social media networks in the world with over 554 million registered users as of May 2013 and some 135,000 more signing up every day. While some view Twitter as just a medium for individuals to follow their favorite celebrity or professional athlete, there are benefits for businesses as well.

One typical use of corporate Twitter feeds is for news syndication – pushing out recent updates or news stories about the company or organization to their followers. Customers and prospects are encouraged to ‘follow us on Twitter’ and then they automatically receive updates in their personal Twitter feed. Another common use of Twitter, especially for those in the service sector, is customer support. While not an exclusive medium for communicating with customers, expectations today are that companies should offer multiple ways of contacting them including traditional mediums like telephone and email as well as social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. And, Twitter is also a great resource for business leaders to capture industry and general business news, following the most prominent resources and receiving all the latest industry updates real-time in one location.

In the world of relocation and global mobility there are a myriad of organizations and individuals with active Twitter feeds. After all there are now over 58 million Tweets per day on the site. But for those of you just getting started or looking to add to the group you follow, here are a few Twitter feeds I’d definitely recommend to keep up with the latest industry news.

  • American Moving and Storage Association: @AMSAProMover
  • Society for Human Resources: @SHRM
  • Worldwide ERC: @WorldwideERC
  • @ERE_Net
  • TLNT – The Business of HR: @TLNT_Net
  • Cartus: @Cartus
  • MSI Mobility: @RelocationNews
  • Allied Van Lines: @AlliedVL
  • Expat Child: @expatchild
  • Move for Hunger: @moveforhunger

And, of course, I would invite you to follow our Twitter feed, @ReloTrans. Twitter can definitely be overwhelming and can quickly move from useful to a bunch of clutter, but with some cautious management and a real strategy of what you hope to achieve from it, Twitter can be a very useful tool, both personally and professionally.


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