Domestic Transportation Services

A leader in vehicle, boat and specialty transportation, ReloTrans has successfully managed more than 40,000 shipments since its inception in 2003. As a non-asset based transportation broker, ReloTrans is able to work with the most qualified drivers and carriers, regardless of brand affiliation or network membership.

ReloTrans' organizational structure is customer centric with dedicated client service teams focused on providing superior service for our clients and their transferees. Each transferee is partnered with an experienced relocation counselor who explains the entire move process, continually updates the transferee from pick-up through delivery and serves as their single point of accountability throughout the relocation. All transferees have toll-free access to their counselor and real-time tracking information, which is accessible 24/7/365 through

Each ReloTrans client service team is supported by our quality and transportation management group, which works with and manages our network of over 450 transportation suppliers.

ReloTrans applies its expertise in supply chain management, qualifying, selecting and managing our national network of highly accountable drivers to ensure that we exceed the service delivery commitments for our clients and their transferees. ReloTrans' unique, web-based dispatch process optimizes service quality and customer satisfaction. Interactive dispatch allows us to post service requests and dates on a 'board' within the portal. ReloTrans carriers are then alerted to the posting and provided with the opportunity to submit responses with their available resources.

Serving as our central repository for all client and transferee data as well as quality and performance metrics for our supply chain, eTrans provides our transportation managers with the ability to evaluate the carrier's specific resources and historical performance prior to assigning the move.

Leveraging the interactive dispatch methodology guarantees that our supply chain carriers commit their best resources to each transferee move yielding:

  • Better overall performance and higher transferee satisfaction ratings
  • Reduced claims frequencies
  • Shorter transit times
  • Minimized handling (direct load and unload at transferees’ residences)

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